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The fabrics we wear, the fashions we choose, the colours we like, they all represent us, our emotions, our beliefs, a passion, a lifestyle. I live in workout clothes. It's my work so I'm in them at least 10 hours a day. I also have two young boys, a dog, a house, a business a husband. I love fashion, I always have.

My Pinterest board of cool trendy outfits for Fall are just fab. I love high heals, what they do for a body, how they change the look of a simple pair of jeans. Fashion expresses who we are in a subtle or not so subtle way.

My reality is, I'm up at 5am to get to the studio and when I'm not teaching I'm rushing about trying to fit all the things and people I love in, so my Pinterest board of looks stays where it is. I have to get my love of fashion and comfort through my normal comfy daily workout clothes. I need them to fit well, function, feel good and withstand the abuse I give them! So for me it's the fabric and the cut of a garment that counts.  I still need to feel good and look nice…I just can't take as long as I used to getting my s*^t together.

My go to fabrics for the last 8 years have been Cashmere, Jersey and Bamboo. Quick easy basics that work with my life. My love of these fabrics made it a very easy choice to go with Bamboo for the new Pure Pilates Spine range.

Bamboo is incredibly soft, its cashmere soft without the price tag. It is perfect for those of us who have sensitive skin as bacteria doesn't live well on bamboo, the anti-static fibres make it hang beautifully on your body. I wanted to create something simple to start, that sits well and functions without worry about if your belly or boobs are out. Workout clothes need to look great but they can't stop us from getting that freedom we need from our movement.

I wear these tops to work but also at the weekend, especially now its winter, layers layers layers. Bamboo is perfect for this as its lightweight but keeps you warm whilst letting your skin breathe. An added plus, Bamboo is an eco sustainable fabric, it's a tick, tick, tick!


More than anything we should enjoy what we wear. I hope you enjoy wearing these clothes as much as I do. Watching the spine move with you is so much fun and from a teaching point of view it's been a great teaching tool!

It looks good, feels good and is eco friendly, so enjoy!

Kirstin xxx

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