Pure Pilates Spine

Bamboo Clothing, Eco Candles and More......
Looking after your body, looking after the environment, looking after you.


From Passion Comes Purpose 

After over 15 years as a Pilates instructor and over 20 years of movement, workout clothes are a permanent fixture of my lifestyle. Over the years and the many body changes we go through, muscle changes, age, children, body size and shape, the one thing that has always been important to me is comfort. I love beautiful fabrics, I love clothes and fashion. I like my skin to breathe when I move, I don’t want to worry about if my clothes are sliding up distracting me while I challenge my body and mind. It's from my daily love of movement and clothes that Pure Pilates Spine evolved.

Cashmere Soft

Why Bamboo?  For lots of really good reasons, but my first one, is that it's so incredibly soft, it's like wearing cashmere to workout in. You can never have too much Cashmere… or Bamboo in your life!  Along with being beautifully soft, bacteria doesn't live well in bamboo so is perfect for those of us with sensitive skin, it won't smell or irritate.

Bamboo’s performance as a fabric for exercise is perfect in all temperatures. It keeps you warm and at the same time letting your skin breathe and absorbs water so keeps you drier. The T-shirt designed itself.  I wanted it to be right for virtually all body types, fitted in the arm but easy to wear at 3/4 length should you wish, and long enough so you're not distracted by flashing belly or pants, you can just move.


My inspiration behind the designs so far centre around my love of movement and the body. Watching the spine move and articulate in the studio, sometimes for the first time in years, fills me with excitement. We only have one spine, we need to look after it!  Pilates for me is a lifestyle choice as well as exercise, it should make everything you do in life easier, whether that be running, Yoga, Golf, Athletics, children or going to work. Pilates does make life easier.

Lots of clients ask what I see in their bodies while I'm teaching. I'm never sure just how to explain. I'm an instinctive and analytical teacher, but it was in an Orbit class one day, everyone had their mojo, they were moving in perfect unison, spines articulating beautifully that it popped into my head - I wanted them to see what I see - so a phone call to my brother (computer and art wiz) and I looked for the perfect spine picture for him to interpret for me, and then bang, a spine that moves with you.


So it's amazingly soft and good for the environment.  Bamboo grows super fast and thrives naturally. As a grass, it is cut, not up-rooted, it can be grown on slopes, produces over 10% more per square metre than cotton, so it is all round better for the soil and other crops. If that alone isn't enough it is 100% biodegradable.